Wherein Miss S Revisits the Coffee Date Dress

Or how the Coffee Date dress became the Sugar Rush dress. This was a tough one, because I really wanted to get it right. But I’ve talked about that before. So let’s just move on to the result, shall we?

Less coffee date, more candy addiction.

Less coffee date, more candy addiction.

I had a fairly clear plan in mind for the Coffee Date pattern, executed more neatly than my first attempt and without the ruffle. Which is, truth be told, your basic block bodice with a modest A-line skirt. That’s what I love about this pattern – it’s so straightforward. I can see myself using this pattern as a starting point for many projects to come.

I must admit that the sizing issues I had were more of a challenge than I had anticipated. My attempt to draw a bodice block myself were, um, not particularly successful. I ended up redrawing the back entirely and tweaking the front of the existing pattern, and I’m quite happy with the result. Although the darts do end slightly above the right spot… making for pointy breasts.

It's not out of focus - it's nouvelle vague.

It’s not out of focus – it’s nouvelle vague.

Now is perhaps the time to mention that my ever-helpful boyfriend, ever-helpful though he is, is not the most talented photographer. Anyway. Here’s the back:

It’s artistic. Really.


Neat! One thing I would change for my next coffee date inspired project, would be to lower the neckline in the back just a bit. This has me looking like a nun.

As for the challenges of the actual construction, I must say I had expected much worse. I was worried about the attachment of the lining, but it all came together quite nicely. For guidance I looked to Mme Zsa Zsa, who is always most helpful, not to mention amusing. I inserted the invisible zipper into the dress as I would have a skirt, and finished the lining in much the same way. Took a false start, had to undo the stitching to align my seams properly, and aced it the second time.

I see a loose thread. Do you see a loose thread? I kept thinking of this as I was putting the dress together… No hairy garments! I try, I really do…

Up next: the awesome Jochen Pants in red. It’s a great pattern and the good news is that I will be handling the camera myself for photos of this one. That’s definitely something to look forward to.

“That’s great, sweetie, you can let go of the camera now.”



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