A Foxy Sorbetto

I had to give Colette’s Sorbetto top a try – it looked like such a quick, gratifying project. And it was! It took me an hour to put it together, and I just had to wear it immediately. In fact, I wore it to a job interview this morning… probably not the most professional outfit, but it definitely shows my personality.

A summery Sorbetto, already a bit wrinkled from hanging out at the park.

The fabric is Socks the Fox by Michael Miller. I used store-bought bias tape, although I’m sure it would look great with matching self-made bias as well. This is such a great pattern for a beginner, Colette’s instructions are easy to follow as usual and there’s really nothing challenging about putting it together. Just a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Fun fact – I was a bit short on fabric so I had to cut the front in two pieces, adding a separate piece for the pleat. And then I went and put the pleat in wrong side up. I thought it was a hilarious mistake to make, and decided to leave it that way. Just to honour what a dunce I am.


2 thoughts on “A Foxy Sorbetto

  1. the upside-down pleat just gives it character:)

  2. […] The shoes… Well, we all know that babies hate shoes. They kick them off in any direction they can in the hopes of never having to wear them again. Still, I wanted these to be more or less practical and found them quite a challenge. I ended up drafting my own pattern. The fifth (!) attempt was a keeper. The fabric is a leftover from my foxy Sorbetto. […]

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