My Tweed

Last week, after months of going back and forth, I went ahead and splurged. Meet my shiny new friend:

Oooooh! Aaaaah!

Oooooh! Aaaaah!

Lovely, no?It was a veritable battle of the bikes between Achielle’s Louise and Cortina’s Classic Tweed. Both are absolutely charming and allow for the upright seating position that was the most important feature I was looking for. The Tweed won me over on the testride, but it comes with the Brooks B72 saddle whereas the Louise is fitted with the B66, which I found more comfortable. I ended up having the B66 installed on my Tweed, and it is a perfect marriage.

My Tweed and I have quickly become good friends. The saddle is another story… When people tell you a leather saddle takes some time to break in, they are not kidding. Let’s call it a challenge and leave it at that. I’m beginning to feel some relaxation in the saddle now, after about 100km, and it does feel promising on my arrière.


The panniers are another source of great, crafty pride. More on those later!


One thought on “My Tweed

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