A Bucket List

I’ve been very enthusiastic with my sewing projects lately. Just last week, I finished a floral gathered skirt, two tiny pocket tanks, and a pair of pleated shorts which, I will admit, are unfortunately timed now that it’s getting harder to ignore the approach of autumn. My productivity leads me to two issues.

1. Space in my wardrobe. It is limited and at one point, I’m going to have to either do a great big giveaway to charity, or start sewing for others. Seeing as clearing out my least worn items for the charity bins is already a yearly event for me, the second option looks like the better one. Sewing for others would give me the opportunity of continuing to grow as a seamstress while keeping my wardrobe within the limits of sanity and, ideally, making a few friends happy. I’m working on a system to manage requests.

2. Plans. I have many. I’m not much of a fabric hoarder, which makes for a very limited stash (limited to leftovers from past projects, in fact). Instead, I tend to visit my go-to shops for inspiration and/or with a specific project in mind, and only buy fabric when I know exactly what I’m going to do with it. On the plus side: not as expensive as just buying anything that looks like I could use it for something at some point. On the down side: I have to plan ahead so as not to be left without a project on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

That said, let me walk you through my bucket list. It’s a bit of everything from a few of my favourite (small) pattern labels. I’ve included the technical drawings wherever possible because, to me at least, they give the best impression of the garment as a blank canvas as opposed to photographs of the finished product.

My plans fall into two categories: the practical, and the not-so-much. And because such are the workings of my mind, let’s start with the not-so-practical before we move on to more serious things.

  • Colette Patterns’ Chantilly dress. I love the neckline and I can just see all those gathers do wonders for my figure.

  • Or maybe Bluegingerdoll’s Billie Jean dress – similar skirt, simpler bodice.
  • Deer and Doe’s Datura top. I’m a sucker for cutouts and button-up backs, so this just ticks all the right boxes for me. And it isn’t necessarily unpractical, just badly timed. Something for next spring, let’s say.
  • And of course, By Hand’s Elisalex dress. I’ve seen so many beautiful renditions of this dress that I just have to try it myself. I’m also quite curious how the tulip skirt will look on me.

And then for the practical, the sensible, the smart, the I-can-totally-justify-this!

  • Megan Nielsen’s Darling Ranges dress. It has sleeves, it has pockets – this has “practical” written all over it. I have this pattern sitting in my ever-growing library, screaming at me to be made in a nice, autumn colour. Yes, Darling Ranges, I am ready!
  • Jamie Christina’s Sol hoodie. I’ve been looking for a good hoodie pattern for ages, and this one looks like it could be a dream come true. I love the fabric bands along the zipper and hood, and the cozy cuffs with the thumb opening.
  • New pattern label Named’s Jamie jeans. The discovery of this pattern (and of the Named patterns in general) was the initial impulse for this blog post. I was looking for a good jeans pattern all day, considering BurdaStyle’s popular Anita jeans which look, well, good but uninspiring. Named’s jeans, however, look absolutely amazing and immediately instigated a tiny little happy dance right here at my desk.
  • And finally, Named’s Eliot tailcoat top. Not particularly season-appropriate, I know, but I think it could pass as a very good layering piece so I’m calling it a practical garment nonetheless. This piece could be so versatile!Now in this case, take a look at the photographs as well as I do believe they give a better impression of the garment. Also, and a bit confusingly, I see darts in the photographs but not in the above drawing – I haven’t seen the actual pattern so I’m not sure whether the darts are there or not.Love, love, love! And those are the Jamie jeans again – I love the two together, too. And can I just say? That front pocket detail on the Jamie jeans… swoon.

Now if only I knew where to begin! I do think the Named patterns will be a good starting point. They look like excellent wardrobe staples and might be a way to ease myself into the dreaded season of autumn. The fact that, like a final gift of summer, the temperature is about 30° outside does, however, make me wonder how quickly I could whip up that Chantilly and wear it for these last days of summery bliss…


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