Hello, baby!

Recently I’ve had the honour of welcoming a couple of brand new human beings into the world. And how else would I have done that than with a little DIY?


For little J, I made baby slippers with some felt and cotton scraps, and a personalised onesie. The onesie is store-bought (this was supposed to be a quickie project!) and I added the initial cut-out from some Petit Pan fabric.


I used a blanket stitch for the appliqué. The stitch is simple enough and the result is quite pretty. And I learned that hand stitching is the perfect TV activity!


The shoes… Well, we all know that babies hate shoes. They kick them off in any direction they can in the hopes of never having to wear them again. Still, I wanted these to be more or less practical and found them quite a challenge. I ended up drafting my own pattern. The fifth (!) attempt was a keeper. The fabric is a leftover from my foxy Sorbetto.

Baby J is a dear friend’s little boy, born in September. I repeated the onesie project for baby M who was born shortly after J. I doubt J and M will ever meet, but I enjoy knowing that for the first weeks of their lives, they will have had matching outfits!


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