Spring! Finally!

The sun is out, the birds are chirping away in the trees, and I’m doing some pretty cool stuff. This must be spring!

I’ve made a charming new acquaintance – with Katelijne from MonDepot. Katelijne lives right around the corner and has recently started up an internet business from her basement. She sells the fabrics that I’ve been having a hard time finding online in Belgium: not the fun, novelty printed quilting cottons that you can find on every corner of the interwebs, but wearable, modern fashion fabrics for serious adults. (Ahem. Maybe not so very serious all the time.) Being the unsatiable sewing addict that I am, we quickly came to a collaboration of the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” variety: I’ve been helping Katelijne out with sewing garments to showcase some of the fabrics she sells. This, I needn’t tell you, IS WAY AWESOME.

So! I am delighted to show you some of the results of this fun little endeavour… Drumrolls please!

Stripey Kanerva

Fabric: Brown and white striped jersey by Atelier Assemblé. Get it here at MonDepot. Pattern: Kanerva button back top by Named Clothing. I’m very impressed by Named’s new collection, by the way. Is anyone else ogling the Ailakki jumpsuit? I’m dreaming of pairing its bodice with Sewaholic’s latest pattern, the Gabriola skirt, for the most dazzling of evening gowns. I see red silk in my future…

Vichy checks

Fabric: a Vichy checkered cotton by Scapa. Find it here. Pattern: Butterick B5895 top by Gertie; jeans soon to follow because man, those have been screaming at me from my pattern stash.

My Sweetheart Renfrew

I call this one my Sweetheart Renfrew – the Renfrew pattern has inspired so much creativity already! I came up with this one to showcase the stretch lace fabric in the cutout – which, sadly, seems to be sold out now. The pattern adaptation was really quite simple: I raised the front neckline and slashed the pattern diagonally to get the sweetheart shape. I reinforced the seams of the lace with clear elastic to make sure everything kept its shape, although I don’t think it was entirely necessary. Here, have another photo, because I do love this one verrrry much.


Lastly, here’s a bit of a sneak peek from this week’s project. The fabric is an absolutely gorgeous thick, soft cotton by Antwerp-based designer Stephan Schneider – this one, to be precise. You guys, trust me when I tell you that you need this fabric in your lives. Katelijne offers it in blue, green, yellow, dark grey/brown and the lighter grey and yellow you see below. I went with my gut, thinking that a very clean-cut coat would really allow the fabric to shine. Looks like I was right.


Pattern: collarless open coat 03/2012 from BurdaStyle. I added a centimeter to the shoulder seam and lengthened the sleeve, which are becoming pretty much standard alterations for me. I skipped the FBA that I usually need, since this coat has no closures. It fits me perfectly and I am totally in love. I’m also pretty proud of how well I’m sewing for the coming season rather than the current… but that could just be me wishing winter to be over as quickly as possible.


What are your sewing plans for spring?

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