Sewing It Up

Announcement! I’ve been selected to participate in Sew It Up, a Flemish-Dutch sewing contest which is going to take place over the course of May. Exciting, right? Yes! Also, sort of scary! There’s some stiff competition, peeps… Check out the other contestants at the Sew It Up website and you’ll see what I mean. These ladies are pretty awesome. I’m absolutely psyched to participate and may or may not have lost sleep over the first challenge already.

Another thing is that I’m guessing more people are going to be coming round here because of this. (Hi there!) I hadn’t really thought of that when I signed up for the competition; I’ve never actively tried to lure readers to this little corner of the interwebs and I enjoyed the (completely false) sense of privacy that gave me. But ok, fine, I’ll make more of an effort from now on. Maybe even regular posts…? Pinky promise – for the effort, that is.


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