I won’t say that I’m losing sleep over the Sew It Up contest… but maybe I am a bit. It could also be that I’m finally learning to drive (night terrors galore on that front), that we are in the midst of making very adult decisions at Miss S Headquarters, or just that I should really lower my coffee intake. In any case this contest has me very excited. Allow me to present the first challenge: the Pierrot jacket!


Please excuse the grainy pictures… The weather around here has been terrible and, consequently, so has the light.

This week’s challenge was all about making it your own. All contestants were sent the Jackie pattern from La Maison Victor, which is a classic Chanel-inspired tailored jacket, intended to be made with frayed edges and ribbon at the cuffs, neck and front. So classic, in fact, that I felt like an old lady just looking at it. It is beautiful and timeless, but I just couldn’t see myself wearing it. So I took the pattern and ran with it.

ImageThere was no way I was going to make the jacket in a tweed. I just don’t like the stuff – sorry. My fabric choice ended up being a no-brainer: I saw this slightly quilted, super soft cotton at Stoffen Joëlle and had to have it. I knew I wanted to do a full lining and chose a happy irregular polka dot that fit the bill.


Caution: lining success may lead to smug smiling.

The truth is that I didn’t need to alter the pattern very much. It is well designed and the sizing chart told me I could probably get away with a straight size 38. So that’s what I cut, including my standard extra cm of width at the shoulder. I then drafted the pattern pieces for a full lining, added hem allowances and called it a day. Yay for easy alterations, I say!

It looks like the Jackie jacket is going to be a wardrobe staple for me. I can totally see myself going on job interviews wearing this jacket – it says “I’m a bit serious but also a bit fun” before I’ve even had to open my mouth. Good thing, too, because once I do open my mouth things tend to get ugly.

I made the dress with the same goal in mind, but I’ll be honest: there is absolutely no way I would show this much leg for a job interview. Damn you, Sigma! I thought I was being smart by adding 4cm of length and doing a facing for the hem to save length… But still it turned out leggier than I would like. This dress is getting reassigned to comfortable party duty.ImageSo that’s what Sew It Up is getting out of me this week. Next week’s challenge is already on the sewing table… so I do hope I’ll make it that far!

Oh, and… Why “Pierrot”, you ask?



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3 thoughts on “Pierrot

  1. Emily - Belgian Seams says:

    Looks great! 🙂

  2. Beautiful fabric and the colors suit you perfectly!

  3. sewamysew says:

    I just found your lovely blog from Sew It Up and I think I might love everything you’ve made so far!! Good luck in the challenge, I hope you go all the way.

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