Last week’s Sew It Up challenge was a success: you guys voted me onto the second round! This week’s challenge was to make a shift dress and specifically to show the techniques used in the details and finishings.

A shift dress. I’ll just come out and say it: noooo. It is said that every woman needs a shift dress, but this particular woman does not. I like my dresses fitted at the waist. I did my research and found an abundance of tent-like rectangles with arm- and neckholes, and shuddered in abhorrence. But things are the way they are – I was going to have to make a shift dress and make it work. So I took it in stride and out of my comfort zone I went… with EVERYTHING. Fabric. Style. Finishings. The result is a great dress which I’m not sure I’ll ever wear.


Best thing about this picture has to be the sneaky garden gnome.

Introducing The Way Out There Dress. Don’t get me wrong, I do love everything about it. I love the fabric: it’s a silky crepe with a golden sheen that makes my feel like I’m the queen of Sheba. I love the cut, because it’s still a shift but I also have a waist. And I LOVE the lace, probably because there’s no way I’d otherwise have worked with lace for anything other than lingerie.

ImageI had so much fun putting this old gal together, too! I overlayed the side panels with the lace and slashed the shoulders for a little lacey detail, then spent hours matching the panels precisely at the side seams. The left side seam has an invisible zipper, making the matching part even more fun. I must have unpicked the zipper three times before I was happy with it.

ImageI added a full viscose lining, which of course meant having to repeat all the weirdly angled inserts for the side panels. And then I hand-stitched the lining to the outer fabric with a lace ribbon at the hem. Yes, really.

ImageAnd then I was done and tried to think of an occassion to wear this little number. Couldn’t think of one. Cried a little. Ended up deciding to make new friends of the variety that hosts cocktail parties. Just for you, my little parallelepiped love.

I beg of you, friends: host that cocktail party for me. And while I’m begging… maybe vote for me this week?

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4 thoughts on “Parallelepiped

  1. LOVE what you have done with the lace! My favorite, definitely!

  2. And Just so you know, I adore your writings too 🙂

    • Juffrouw S says:

      Ooh, thanks! I’m glad to have discovered your blog too, I love your style so I’ve decided I’ll definitely stick around far beyond the contest 😉

  3. […] of my closet ever since. Making it an absolute, undeniable miss of a dress. Its only virtue is having taught me to sew for my own style – even if it’s for a […]

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