Picture perfect

This week had me saying goodbye to Sew It Up. And that’s too bad, because what I had prepared for the next challenge was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. Want to see it anyway? Why thanks, supportive reader!

The challenge was to create an outfit based on the work of an artist. Now I happen to know very little about the visual arts, but I do know a bit about literature. I inquired with the organisers about working with a poet, but in the spirit of keeping a level playing field, I had to change my plans. And as such things tend to go, the right piece of inspiration crossed my path just as I was about to give up in despair!

Enter Andrei Tarkovsky. This is what Facebook is for, people: a friend posts a beautiful, impressionistic polaroid picture and BAM – inspiration hits me!


Andrei Tarkovsky’s polaroids project exactly the atmosphere I had in mind for this week’s challenge. I know – it’s a bit of a reversed logic. The truth is that the photograph caught my eye precisely because it depicts the mood and feeling I had on my mind. The diffuse light and faded colours, the simplicity of the subject matter and the emphasis on everyday beauty resonate with what I’ve been thinking and feeling of late.


See what I mean? I felt like flowy fabrics and early morning hues would be the perfect fit for this project. So here’s what I went with:


The skirt is nothing less than a dream wardrobe piece for me. The pattern is one of Sewaholic’s latest, Gabriola. I’m not usually one for maxi skirts, but this one… it just hits the spot. The fabric is a cotton satin that I got the fabric from Katelijne at Mondepot. It complements the pattern perfectly: it’s flowy but not flimsy, has a nice soft drape and keeps its shape well. The print works really well with the shape of the skirt, but I’m already dreaming of this skirt in a solid. Because look at it – the geometric panels in the Gabriola pattern skim over the hips so beautifully, it’s ridiculous. Owning only one of these just won’t do.

ImageThe top is another champion piece. You can get the pattern for free (!) from Fine Motor Skills, and I seriously recommend you make at least five of these for summer. The fit is just the right amount of slouchy but also a little bit sexy. The fabric is a super soft, thin micro modal from Mondepot.

The cardigan was a bonus garment. I felt like the outfit needed something to tie it together. When I saw this tie-dye knit at Pauli I knew it was going to come home with me. The pattern I used is the Karen cardigan from BurdaStyle; I did consider drafting something myself but I didn’t quite trust myself to pull it off.

To be honest, I feel like I nailed it for this challenge. I would have liked to continue in the contest, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be! On the upside, now I have time for a few of my backburner projects. More on those soon.


9 thoughts on “Picture perfect

  1. laurence says:

    O God Yes. You would have nailed it alright!

  2. Waauw! Gorgeous skirt!

  3. Hanne says:

    This outfit is awesome! I love the skirt and the top and the atmosphere in your pictures! Great job!

  4. Oh, ik dacht dat ik hier al een reactie achter had gelaten, oeps! Ik vind je rok echt super zalig! Ik heb het stofje ook gekocht oeps 🙂

  5. […] was bijna gelukt om 1 maand geen stoffen te kopen, maar toen besloot Eleonore om deze super mooie rok te maken. Ik kon niet weerstaan aan deze super mooie stof! Misschien maak […]

  6. […] look at her swish! My Gabby, she’s a winner. I whipped her up for Sew It Up back in May, before I knew I’d be eliminated in the round before this one. No matter; she and I spent an […]

  7. sejleker says:

    Beautiful outfit, really nice pattern to skirt too.

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