A Bit of This and That

I’ve been quite the busy bee lately, mostly with moving into our new home, installing my very own sewing atelier and putting that lovely little room to good use. So. Let’s play catch up, shall we?



This one is from before the move. That’s probably why I’m looking down at the floor so demurely/lovingly – our old place did have a pretty floor. This is McCall’s 6520, a raglan sleeve shirtdress with a drawstring waist and a very pretty curved hem. It is comfortable, summery, and there’s plenty of room for the occasional food tummy: a winner in my book. Other than shortening it to hit just above the knee and going down two sizes based on the actual measurements instead of the size chart, I didn’t change much about it. The fabric is a preppy black and white striped cotton mix with polo horsies on it. Horsies. Love.


Hello, back yard! Yard = win. My smug face agrees.

In more or less the same category (comfy, sunny, great for eating and drinking) falls my wearable muslin of Butterick 5748. Interestingly, this fit me straight out of the envelope. I did not expect that, so I screwed up my first muslin with an FBA I then found out I didn’t need.


This is a retro ’60s pattern, drafted to have a side zip and a mid-calf length circle skirt. I was going to be using an anachronistic invisible zip anyway, so I didn’t bother with the side zip (I don’t like them, for some reason) and moved it to the centre back. I also updated the skirt – meaning that I shortened it for 21st century nekkidness.


It’s far from perfect: I’ll need to work on the fit some more, particularly to solve those wrinkles in the back, and let’s not even mention the horridly uneven hem. But it’s been getting a lot of wear, it’s perfect for cycling, and – most importantly – it twirls like a dream!

And then also, from just before the Belgian rain season swooped in to kill all August joy, there’s this:


IKAT SHORTS YAY. I thought of using the fabric for a pair of Maritime shorts, and it turns out that would have been a great idea as I found out that great minds really do think alike and Kim‘s pair look totally rad. But I changed my mind and went with BurdaStyle’s Ruby shorts, and I’m not sorry I did.


They are cute and just a little bit different with their side button closing. Too bad it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to wear these anymore in 2014… Damn you, Belgian summer!


Lastly, a few bits and pieces:

  • There’s a new edition of the Sew It Up contest coming up. To all Flemish and Dutch seamstresses out there: go ahead, don’t be shy and apply!
  • Meet Myrtle, my headless little helper.
  • Hemming circle skirts = YAWN.
  • Someone, quickly! Do something fun and exciting with this awesome fake cow skin fabric!

One thought on “A Bit of This and That

  1. Kim says:

    Those shorts look awesome! Great fabric choice too 😉

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