Getting Back on the Horse: Hits and Misses of 2014

Confession time: I’m a terrible blogger. Getting myself to update this thing on a more or less regular basis… It’s clearly not my strongest suit. So in the spirit of getting back on the horse, here’s a picture-heavy recap of my year in sewing projects.

First… the bad!

Deer & Doe Airelle, January 2014

Deer & Doe Airelle, January 2014

Not so bad at first sight, is it? Oh, but it is. Deer & Doe’s patterns are so adorable, but I should have learned by now that they’re just not made for my bosom. An FBA should have been the first thing on my mind. But it was not… so the top rises up over my bust, baring my stomach. This was also the last time I let myself fall for a polyester fabric. So on all accounts: no, no, no, no. I gave this top away.

BurdaStyle Anita: January 2014

BurdaStyle Anita, January 2014

Another January fail: my Anita jeans. Initially blogged here, I knew before I even finished them that I would never wear these. Sad crotch, saggy waistband and room for about half of my butt. Nope.

BurdaStyle shift dress with side panels, May 2014

BurdaStyle shift dress with side panels, May 2014

Oooooh. The sad little shift dress. I worked so hard on this one, and it’s been hanging in a dark corner of my closet ever since. Making it an absolute, undeniable miss of a dress. Its only virtue is having taught me to sew for my own style – even if it’s for a contest.

BurdaStyle cigarette pants, August 2014

BurdaStyle cigarette pants, August 2014

And just for funsies, here’s a fourth miss from this past year. That crotch! I tried everything with this pattern, but even after many alterations this was the best I could get out of it. In the bin it went – pattern and pants. Perhaps I should just stay away from Burda.

Now for the hits – and I must say, 2014 has been a very successful year for me, overall!

Butterick B5895, March 2014

Butterick B5895, March 2014

Who cares that I have yet to find a single occasion to wear this little ensemble to – I love it to pieces! This is Gertie’s retro top and high-waisted jeans for Butterick. If only I remember to size down next time, I’m thinking many reiterations of this one. And then maybe a rockabilly party.

Sewaholic Gabriola, May 2014

Sewaholic Gabriola, May 2014

Just look at her swish! My Gabby, she’s a winner. I whipped her up for Sew It Up back in May, before I knew I’d be eliminated in the round before this one. No matter; she and I spent an amazing summer together. I couldn’t even bear to put her in storage for winter.

By Hand London Victoria blazer, July 2014

By Hand London Victoria blazer, July 2014

Victoria, my go-to jacket for the summer. She’s completely reversible, so she combines with anything and everything. AWESOME.

Sewaholic Minoru jacket and Thread Theory Newcastle cardigan, November 2014

Sewaholic Minoru jacket and Thread Theory Newcastle cardigan, November 2014

Hah! Would you look at that – I snuck in a two-in-one. My Minoru jacket is entirely waxed on the outside and lined with faux-sheep. Cosy and dry, just how I like my autumns. Wim’s cardigan went from the bolt onto my sewing table and into this photoshoot within a week. He hasn’t taken it off since. (Seriously, I have to steal it off him to get it into the laundry.) Photo by Frieda Vanhauwaert – thanks Frieda!

I’d say 2014 was a good year for sewing. It was certainly intense, what with Sew It Up and my collaboration with Mon Depot. I met Anneke, Lieke, Hanne and Caroline. My homemade wardrobe exploded. And I completely forgot about my blog. I’m sorry, guys. Give me another chance in 2015?


5 thoughts on “Getting Back on the Horse: Hits and Misses of 2014

  1. eva maria says:

    I can’t believe I hadn’t spotted you before we met at HAY Antwerp! The stuff you sew: fantastic… I absolutely love that blazer, and the maxiskirt… I want! Looking forward to what you come up with in 2015!
    And by the way: I love it when people show off their missers 🙂

  2. Welcome back! I’m delighted that I’ll be seeing more of your creations this year! 2015 will be my selfish sewing year, so I can use the inspiration! (And oh, your English, ❤ it, it reads like a novel! Teach me! 😉 )

  3. […] I finally got around to it – much like my Minoru jacket, which I mentioned very briefly in my last post. Anyway, here it is: McCall’s 6800.This is M6800, view D: a princess seamed coat with a full […]

  4. Kristin says:

    Hey there, the link for the fabric you used in your Newcastle cardigan isn’t working. I was wondering if you could tell me more about what you used? There are so many variations on the web but yours is the cutest!!

    • Juffrouw S says:

      Hi Kristin, thanks so much for the compliment! I’ll pass it along to the wearer 😉
      It looks like the fabric is sold out. It’s a heavy wool blend knit with a limited amount of stretch. I cut the yokes from a non-stretch grey wool that is, sadly, also out of stock. The yokes don’t really need to stretch and I think it gives the cardigan a sturdier look. It still looks amazing after a year of intensive use!

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